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Royally Inspired by Lorde { New Music Alert }

Lorde's Royals. #NewMusic #BourbonandGoose

Design inspired by the lyrics from Royals

Confession time: I'm obsessed with the song Royals by Lorde which I briefly touched on last week. Well, the obsession has turned into a love affair with Lorde, the 16 year old singer from New Zealand. Her vibe and voice are hypnotic and refreshing. It definitely trumps Taylor Swift's performance at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night.

Thanks to Pigeons and Planes and a little help from Bing.com, I was able to learn more about this young songstress and found out her debut EP The Love Club came out last year. Leaving me to feel sheepish that it took me months to discover! So here's the scoop, Lorde’s debut EP The Love Club dropped at the end of November 2012, but, what blows my mind is how young she is. Unbelievable. See what I mean below...

The Love Club by Lorde

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