Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


to the colorful journal of Marissa Berrini, creative director, traveler, artist, and curator living in Los Angeles. Launched back in 2010, as Bourbon and Goose, Marissa's blog serves to be an inspiration for those times we’re stuck in a rut and help expand our community to dive deeper beyond the eye candy and more into the soul all while discovering self-worth, love, being present in the moment and creating the life you were meant to live.

ALT for Everyone! Tips, Tricks and Making Connections

ALT FOR EVERYONE #thanksbing The last 2 days have been filled with great tips and tricks about blogging, thanks to Bing and Alt Summit's ALT for EVERYONE. The best part about this virtual online conference: making connections—meeting people that are just starting out or establish has been amazing. Who would have thought that the virtual online conference would be this much fun? Here is my cheat sheet for what I've learned and who I've connected with:



PR On A Shoestring Budget. Taught by Adrienne Arieff

Lesson learned: It's all about engagement. Get out there and start a conversation. Be sure to stay current in your field and don't be afraid of growing yourself as a brand.

Engage in conversation regularly with your new/existing community

How To Work With Brands. Taught by Natalie Bowman

Natalie is a doll. She gets real in this class and tells you what brands are looking for and how to work with them. Perfect insight for those looking to align themselves with their favorite brands. Natalie also gives advice on being persistent and remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Last but not least, don't be afraid to reach out to brands at events. They're there to get to know you! #ThanksBing

Never apologize for making money.

Photography Best Practices: Photostyling 101. Taught by Susan and William Brinson from House of Brinson

This class was a must as Sam and I are setting up our own photo studio space. Susan supplied her tips on photo styling (perfect for work and for the blog) and William chimed in on his tricks for getting the best shot. Together this dynamic duo taught that hoarding is ok if used for good (like photo styling) and 1 white plate is never enough when your on set. Check out their blog and you'll be itching to get out the tripod to practice some of their signature drips and slab shots.

Props Build your supply collection • backgrounds • surfaces • fabrics • dishes • objects • craft supplies (paper, tape, etc)

Pajama Bash hosted by one of ALT SUMMIT founders, Sara Urquhart

Meet so many amazing bloggers in this night meet up! From business questions to collaborations, this social made my Thursday even better when coupled with the season finale of the Office.


Keynote with Joy Cho from Oh Joy!

Today started with the most inspirational keynote I've experienced yet. Joy shared her journey and reminded everyone that hard work and being persistent pays off. If you are passionate about something, explore and pursue it. Definitely will be purchasing her book, Blog, Inc for more motivation!

YOU CANNOT WAIT AROUND FOR IT The only person who will make your goals come true is you.

Craft The Perfect Pitch. Taught by Alison Dutton from Well Yoked

I didn't think it could get any better after Joy's keynote but boy, was I wrong. Alison did an amazing job of igniting that spark needed to put myself out there and really think about how to present myself. Pitch is everything and her tips are priceless. I'll be signing up with Well Yoked for sure and encourage you to do the same.

Define your goals for working with businesses. List 3 objectives that you will achieve by collaborating with businesses.

Graphic Design for Bloggers 201. Taught by Laurie Smithwick

This class was all about design fundamentals. Being in the industry, this was a great course on color theory, font basics and text alignment. Good for someone wanting to explore their inner designer.

Tinting adds white to a color; Shading adds black to a color. You achieve variations on the basic color wheel colors by tinting and shading them.

Your Blog Is a Business: Blog Documents. Taught by Chris Gardner from Man Made DIY

Holy Moses did Chris knock everyone's socks off! He laid down the law and let everyone know you must spend time on the business side of your blog. Be it your editorial calendar or your EIN, take time each month to focus on 1 time that will better your business (or blog) and hence make life easier in the long run.

Sponsorship and Affiliate Disclosure – A template or permanent home to discuss how you work with product and income

DIY Advertising. Taught by Liz Stanley from Say Yes to Hoboken

Liz was amazing. She provided much needed insight on how to handle advertising on your site. She also shared what works and the realities and the 411 on expectations you should have. The differences between each type of ads and what's the best way to go about handling them.

Things to avoid: Asking a company for money straight up, promising engagement, reaching out to brands solely because you see them advertise on another blog, charging different amounts to different companies.

Making Money on Your Blog Beyond Advertising. Taught Melanie Blodgett from You Are My Fave

Melanie is so personable and honest. I loved this class as she provided case studies about a variety of bloggers. She encourages you to get out there and explore other items outside banner ads. Her shared her personal journey and how she brings home the bacon with items like contributing via ghost writing, content writing and social engagement. Definitely worth it if you are looking to "spark ideas".

Just like any other field of employment, networking is key to landing jobs. Be nice. Be reliable. Be professional. Work hard. Opportunities will arise.


Charity from I Heart Cleveland I love Cleveland after traveling there last year for WMC Fest. Now I have another reason to love it even more, Charity's cute blog. Charity, you'll have to come with me vintage shopping when I return in August!

Elisabeth from Bella the Blog This beautiful blog captures the adventures of Elisabeth and Ben, a cute couple sharing recipes, style and adventures.

Aimee from 4 the Love of Animals Any friend of rescue animals is a friend of ours. Aimee is an advocate for all fur kids!

Megan from Goods by Grinn If anyone knows me outside the blog world, you know I'm OBSESSED with pillows. Now that I met Megan this obsession is justified.

Kristine from Checkerberry Lane Best little etsy shop around. These handmade cards are adorable and trump any Hallmark card out there!

Lisa from Elembee Lisa has the best blog keeping series. Most of all I admire her grammar skills. Please Lisa, get that class going!

Kelly from Design Crush I've been a huge fan of Design Crush since stumbling upon Kelly's site a few years ago. She's always sharing special internet finds that are inspiring.

Bluthify / Spotify Playlists for every member of the Bluth Family. #ArrestedDevelopment

HIS & HERS {Music Needs} Modest Mouse + Lorde