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Double Dose Saturday: #420 #RSD

#RSD13 Silly I know but you have to give society props for creating such a wonderful mix of awesomeness all in one day or maybe thank twitter? Some may consider it pure nonsense but others take this shit for real. Take today, Sam and I celebrated by riding our bikes to the jacknife, a record and tapes store located in our awesome hood - Atwater Village) so that's 2 for 1. A nice day for bikes and cruising around the neighborhood. Now regarding #420 well that's pretty easy if you have any stoner flick or album laying around. My top picks: the Breakfast Club, Dazed & Confused or Dark Side of the Moon. Speaking of Dark Side, RIP Storm Thorgerson: you will be miss. This doesn't mean you have to light up to celebrate this high holiday (pun intended) but if you do that's your prerogative but be sure to support your local record shop and load up on vinyl or if your like us, grab some cassettes too.


Original images that were used to creative the above graphics can be found here: vinyl and breakfast club

Never Too Late to Say Goodbye: Storm Thorgerson

Wednesday’s Spotify Featured Playlist: Purity Ring