Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas.  Photos taken on Google Pixel 2

Seven Magic Mountain, near Las Vegas. Photos taken on Google Pixel 2


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Country Classic: Dolly Parton + Tumblr Tuesday

Dolly Parton's Official Tumblr After losing a great country legend last week, it got me thinking about how much I love old classic country music. It's in my blood. Thanks to mom, I grew up country – pink fringe cowboy boots, purple cowboy hat and all (yes my obsession with color started at a young age).  But when I'm talking about country music, I'm not talking about this Taylor Swift pop crap. I'm talking about the kind that has heart and soul mixed with some twangs and moonshine. The type you want to hear on the jukebox at Club Tee Gee after a long day of work. Well enter in Dolly Parton; the first country starlet to cross over into pop with her epic ballad (written for Porter Wagner not Whitney Houston – now look who's talkin' country) and her fun as hell movie 9 to 5 which exudes so much charm and sass that you could pack into 90s minutes. Now Ms Parton is taking over tumblr with everything Dolly.

But even with everything that Dolly has going on, it's her attitude that seals the deal for me. She's way more than those famous assets that she is known for. She a believer in manifesting your own dreams with hard work and determination.  She manages to suck you in with her stories (just listen to Coat of Many Colors), lyrics and positivity. For being 67, that woman can dance and most likely out run me to the wig shop in Hollywood. So today, let's give props to Dolly Parton and all the wonderfulness she has brought us. Check out the tumblr site here and the videos below for a flashback into Dolly's eclectic wardrobe.

Potential New Boyfriend (from Solid Gold 1983)

So much 80s awesomeness I might just fall over. Check out the amazing spin move by the electronic drum player. Bodacious!


Romeo by Dolly Parton (with Billy Ray Cyrus, Tanya Tucker, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea, Pam Tillis)

This one is dedicated to mom., for all those times carpooling the volleyball team and cranking some Billy Ray and Dolly. #classic

Few of my favorite Dolly songs:

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