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Ramblings: 3 Videos Worth Sharing

While I'm stuck at home with the flu and juggling my work from home, I've been trying to see what is going on in the world while quarantined. Here are my findings that I had to share: MUSIC: Kate Boy | Electro-Pop Quartet from Stockholm Pitchfork describes this new comer as part Peter Gabriel + Kate Bush. Regardless of however you describe it, I'm digging.

COSMETICS: Speaking of Kates, check out Kate Winslet being completely hot in this new Lancôme's campaign courtesy of NYMAG.com's the Cut. I think it's time to change my hair color...

ADVERTISING: Since we are on the subject of beauty and I have the urge to get a little "bookie", I must share my thoughts on Dove's latest video in their Real Beauty campaign. While I'm a huge fan of their mission, I'm not excited how they call out Art Directors and Graphic Designers as the problem with socieity's altered beauty/fashion ads. Yes we use Photoshop to enhance items BUT photo retouching request usually come from the top; be it CEO, CMO, the agency or model. I highly doubt ADs and GDs are calling the shots. How do I know? Because I'm one of them. As a Creative Director, I get these requests from the above. Dove should be directing this video towards the higher ups and the people purchasing products based on these unrealistic ads. In my field we test everything and guess what almost always wins? The retouched model aka the aspirational campaign. I know we have to recondition society but don't blame the designers or the creatives. We are just doing our jobs.

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