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Random Rambles: Fired Cookie Monster, Bart Hess + TOD's and the Kills

Since today was filled with randomness, I wanted to share with you some treasures I found: The buzz from the debate tonight is all about Mitt Romney's second attempt at taking down Big Bird and the Sesame Street crew. I guess to Mitt, learning your ABCs or how to make friends isn't on the top of his list (ironic). So where he falls short, the twitter community feeds upon. Tonight's favorite tweet comes from @FiredCMonster who's looking for a new way to earn his cookies:

Moving on to a lighter topics... Damn, leather never looked so good. Tod’s has stepped it up a notch with their latest collection of luxury leather featured in short created Bart Hess. Check out the stats on the video here.

Tods / Electric Signature Let's end with The Last Goodbye by the Kills. Obviously this isn't a new one but it popped up on youtube after I watch some random crap I don't remember. Sam and I saw them together last year and proceed to have a nightcap with the band thanks to a good friend and her sweet connects. (You know who you are) Such a great video, it's needs to be shared:


Gone Campin

Concert Series: Passion Pit / Hot Chip at Hollywood Bowl

Concert Series: Passion Pit / Hot Chip at Hollywood Bowl