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Concert Series: Passion Pit / Hot Chip at Hollywood Bowl

Concert Series: Passion Pit / Hot Chip at Hollywood Bowl


The summer has officially ended and so has our concert series at the Hollywood Bowl. We packed our September with 3 of our top shows. To start us off right, it was Passion Pit and Hot Chip. Below is a quick recap of some high and lows, videos and remixes. Oh, and remember concert etiquette counts: Stop playing with Facebook, stop chit chatting with your gal pals and stop squatting on seats.  What would Carles say? Top #Winning Moments

  1. Cheering as the couple next to us was escorted out of the show for rude conduct. #MeanPeopleSuck
  2. Sharing Bottega Louie macarons with our lovely neighbors.
  3. Seeing their reaction when they try Wild Bill’s beef jerky for the first time: “Whoa! This is amazing and so salty! I must get the name!” (wins for best concert/conference snack)
  4. Dropping my phone and realizing it won’t work again. (wins crappiest moment)
  5. Enjoying Hot Chip’s Flutes

Hot Chip vs Major Lazer remix:

WARNING might make you barf like Beiber (minus the unicorns): Video /// Hot Chip Flutes:

Love the perspective:

Passion Pit - 'Take a Walk' from Trim Editing on Vimeo. Passion Pit Take a Walk remix by M Machine

Curious about the set list? Check it out here at Stereogum.

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