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DIY: Fruit Picker

What you'll need:

  • Drapery rod (or any substitute you may have like broken broom or long pole/stick)
  • Hand-held Quick grip or claw device
  • Zip ties
  • Rope
  • Heavy tape (we used Gaffers but any duct tape will work)
  • Drill or any tool/item to make a hole in claw device

Fruit Picker Materials

How to make:

  • Drill hole in bottom of one side of quick grip handle.
  • Attach the non-drilled side to end of the pole using zip ties and tape.
  • Tie one end of rope to the hole made in quick grip.

Fruit Picker in Action


Sunday Funday Music: Little Boots / Dim Mak EDC Remix

Sunday Funday Music: Little Boots / Dim Mak EDC Remix

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